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If you're a property owner in the greater Bakersfield region and need Roofing Services (leaks, cracked tiles, missing shingles, replacement), we can help...

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Here's A Few Ways We Can Meet Your Roofing Needs

You have your own unique roofing challenges and goals. With a service quote from Superior Roofing, you'll get more clarity about your project and have the confidence to get started. Here are just a few roofing services we can help you with...


Roof Repair Specialist

Is your property in need of small or significant roof repairs? Maybe you need a roof certification for escrow. If so, you're in the right place. Superior Roofing is the go-to choice in the Bakersfield, CA region for all of your roofing needs. Whether you need to repair shingles, flashing, facia board or patch up leaks we can help.


Roof Replacement with an Unbeatable Warranty

When the time comes to replace your roofing system it can be a challenge to understand where to start. You'll most likely have questions about pricing, financing options, timelines and warranties. Please use us as your resource to get helpful information about your specific project. 


Licensed and Bonded Commercial Roofing Contractor

Superior Roofing understands commercial roofing and the intricacies involved. We've been installing commercial roofs since 2005 and have continued to help building owners with scheduled maintenance, repairs and service, TPO, metal and Silicone Restoration Membrane. 

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Let's Take Care Of Those Roofing Issues Before They Become A Larger And More Expensive Problem

You may be preparing to sell your home, have roof damage, or ready to upgrade your roofing system. What you need to realize is a roof service is an investment into a valuable asset. And if that asset is not protected you could face major problems in the future. Yes, a roofing project can be a complicated process. But let's start simple and progress through to the end goal.

The first step is to get a bid on the work needed so you know where you are financially and what steps to take next. You'll also want to gather more information and that's where the consultation comes in. Superior Roofing has been helping property owners in the greater Bakersfield region since 2005. That's twenty years helping hundreds of property owners accomplish their roofing goals.

Here's how it works once you sign up for a roofing quote...

We'll Follow Up and Get You On the Calendar

We'll see that you to book a date and time that works best for you. Our team of roofing professionals take these estimates and consultations serious and want you to be prepared for our meeting.

Perform a Thorough Inspection

During our meeting, our roofing estimator will answer your questions, inspect your roof and figure out what's causing the roofing issues.

100%Accurate Service Quote

Next, we'll calculate timescales, material prices, rate of labor with nothing left out. You'll get a quick, TRUE, accurate and well-presented quote that shows the reality in all its details (no hidden cost or fine print).

The Balls in Your Court

After we send you the service bid and you decide you want to work with us we'll schedule a time to start your project. If we're not a good fit or you want to hold off that’s ok too. We guarantee there will be NO OBLIGATION to hire us.

Project Success

Northeast Bakersfield Glenbrook Apartments. TPO Project.

Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) Urners of Bakersfield

Roof Replacement Project for Residential Home in Bakersfield, CA.

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Here Are Just A Small Handful Of Successful Projects We Carried Out

Jerry R My roof needed to be repaired before a rainstorm, that was forecast, hit our town. Sergio gave me a fast and reasonable estimate and the work was completed by a hard-working, respectful crew before the rain hit. His office staff was also very helpful and made it easy for me to submit the required paperwork and schedule an emergency appointment. My roof no longer fears the rain thanks to Superior Roofing!When I am ready to replace our existing roof, I will be looking their way.

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Gary Hall We used these guys a few years ago on our church. Did a great job! Would definitely use them again. Unsolicited comment. Just telling the truth.


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Kelly Santoro They just did an amazing job for me!!!! Thank you!!


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